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Classic Sports Interviews

Ron Ellis of the Toronto Maple Leafs talks about how he joined his NHL dream team. In 1995, Jesse Towne travelled to Toronto as part of YSC to interview Ron at the Hockey Hall of Fame. From the days when there were only 6 teams in the league to the Stanley Cup and the 1972 Canada Russia Hockey series, this collection of interviews are rare classics.  

From the Montreal Canadians,  the Great Jean Beliveau talks about the team and his noteworthy career in this 1992 interview in English and French.

Interesting Calculation

If you measure Canada's performance in the 2020  Olympics, you should take into account our population. We have 35 million people
in this great country and still we have 24 medals. Look at the other countries. Their populations are massive with the USA at 350 million with 113 medals and China at over a billion with 88.  Considering they have so many people to choose from for each event, the calculation is simple. If we had a population of 350 million, then we would probably have 24 X 10 for a total of 240 medals. That shows why Canadians are some of the top athletes in the world.

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