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TimeKeepers Canada

The World Wars

     TiimeKeepers Canada presents our series on The World Wars. In the many years we've recorded interviews, we have heard and seen things that astonished us. War is a terrible thing.

We play these interviews and hope people will understand the terrible price humans pay for war. But on the other side of the coin, what would you do if another country was attacking you. People will defend themselves. It is everyone's right to exist as a tribe or as a country.

So as you watch these remarkable interviews, remember these seniors and veterans lived through turbulent times. A time when Canadians were there to defend the people of Canada. We should be proud of that.

From the early battles of Cryslers Farm to eye witness accounts of World War One's battle of Ypres, Vimy Ridge and the Halifax Explosion,

re-live these Canadian experiences with those who were there. You'll see a WWI fighter pilot and a battlefield nurse. From Beaumont Hamel to World War II's Great Escape, the series takes you on a journey to

the Cold War and modern times.


Veterans of Time Remembrance Day  Video

 When I look at all the years of war we've been through,

   Those men lived and died for what we have today. 


                                                From the song,

                                                            `Sail Away'


Classic Interviews

WWII Mosquito Ace 
A Dwayne Price Video

 WW1 Battle of Ypres 1916

In World War I, Canadians faced the first use of Poison Gas at the Battle of Ypres. Hear the words of a man who knows what it's like to be hit by a bullet. 

 London Blitz 1940

As part of the Timekeepers Canadian Journey, Squibs Mercier from London, England, who moved to Canada after the war, remembers growing up watching the Spitfire Dogfights in the 1940 Battle of Britain. She describes a special memory of a woman that was determined to rebel against the bombing of London.

 Cold War Bunker 1958

General Paul Manson is invited to the Diefenbunker in Carp, Ontario, Canada where he takes you from room to room in this Cold War underground bunker. Part I of 2. 

Canada Remembers Holland - Part 2

Ten young Canadians travelled to Holland in 1995 to participate in the 50th Anniversary of the Liberation of Holland.

From D Day to the Gap

Featured on this TimeKeepers Canada video are three members of the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa describing the D Day beaches and the battle for the Falaise Gap. TimeKeepers Canada - A James Tallimar Project.

50 Canadian Veterans travel to London to watch as the Queen of England unveils a magnificent monument in their honour.

Sinking of the Athabascan in WWII

In WWII, Burt was on board the Canadian destroyer when it was hit by a U Boats 2 torpedos.

POW Camp In Alberta 1944

Life in a Canadian POW camp in Alberta is described by a 100 year old RCMP officer in charge of the prisoners. 

Barry Davidson and the wife of tunnel king, Wally Floody describe the escape plan. From The POW Story - Release August 2022.

Underwater Special Project
   Baltic Sea Recovery 2022

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