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James Tallimar Project - Music

Over the years, music was a big part of the overall project with several artists taking part in the recording of a series of original and cover songs. Here are 5  complete recordings of their music.


Ride The Silent Wind

Come To Me 
Ride The Silent Wind

I Can't Make You Love Me
All I Want To Be Is You
Ain't No Sunshine
Shadow Lover
Your Jealous Boyfriend

A Woman's Emotions
Ride On Blackman

Fire In My Woman

Saint John After the War
Fire In My Woman
Danny's Song
Sir Robert Bond
Tally Hastings
Two Rivers of Gold
Umbrella Man
Blowing in the Wind

There A Place For Us 

War and Freedom

We Shall Never Surrender
Splice The Main Brace
Veterans Of Time
Tom Withers
A Million Miles Away
Sunrise of D Day
Fallen Heroes
Arandora Star
October Moon
The Wall at Nanton

Everybody Needs A Friend

Bobby Boy
Everybody Needs A Friend
Do You Believe In Me
The Artist
500 Miles
Warm Enough For You 

I Still Love You
There Is  Ship

The Tales of Tallimar

Complete 10 part Story on Audio Talk with Music






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