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The James Tallimar Project is a group of friends who came together to create TimeKeepers Canada. One of these projects was to collaborate with other artists and make short videos of  some of their songs.

                                                               The first artist we met was Natu. Recorded
                                                               in 2002, it was a test using an old folk song
                                                               from somewhere in the American west.                                                                       Natu sings this song as if she was there,
                                                               back in time.
                                                                                          A great artist.


Talent is something you are born with, and it evolves throughout your life time. You shape it with the experiences you go through.
u don't need to be famous to be a great artist.

Natu 2002                                                       
Silver Dagger


Artists from the James Tallimar Project

Garnet Challenger made several music
videos with the James Tallimar Project.
His lyrics are always powerful and thought provoking. Take a few minutes now to hear
his amazing artist from the Caribbean
Island of Dominica.

Garnet Challenger  2006

  Garnet Challenger
       Gisele LeMay
           Jun Li
               Maria Knapik
                        Charlie Gardner
                            Samantha Testa
                                 Lee Hayes
                                    Wendy  DeMos
                                           Bill and Jordan King
                                              Judith Hether

Heading 1

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