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 Welcome to - The multi-media component of                                    Halifax 57 Rescue Canada.

Over the last four decades, we have documented incredible stories about aviation, historical recovery projects and recorded hundreds of interviews with veterans of all ages. Our objective is to restore an important part of our aviation history.  Each month, you will see adventure projects, classic interviews, live museum aircraft demonstrations and international destinations. The project is educational and is an invaluable record of aviation and warfare in the 20th century. 

Watch our monthly News Updates, our special aircraft recovery project in Sweden, a Lancaster 4 Engine start up, the ReBuild Shop, RCAF Americans and our contribution to the Bomber Command Memorials in London and Lincoln, England. is made up of aviation experts, project managers, video producers, writers, camera operators, professional divers, veterans, researchers and aviation museum directors. Our objective is to honour our veterans with the recovery and restoration of classic historical aircraft. We are the TimeKeepers of History, building a video library for the future.

Our project manager is Karl Kjarsgaard, who is world renowned for his endless dedicated search to recover aircraft from the war.  As one of the Directors of  the Bomber Command Museum in Nanton, Alberta, Karl is the co-host with Scott Knox on the Show.  Karl is a former Air Canada Senior Captain with over 20,000 hours of flight time. He has been  involved in searching and recovering World War II Halifax aircraft since 1990. Karl was instrumental in the recovery of Halifax NA337 from Norway and Halifax LW682 in Belgium. Setting up roots in Nanton, Alberta, he became a Director of the Bomber Command Museum of Canada where his goal is to find and rebuild a second Halifax for Western Canada. The NA337 aircraft from Norway is now part of the RCAF Museum in Trenton Ontario, Canada. He is presently recovering a Halifax off the coast of Sweden and his work includes the delivery of plaques and material for the building of monuments in London and Lincoln England, Richmond Virginia, Winter Haven, Florida, Denver, Colorado and at the RCAF DND Command Centre in Ottawa, Canada.
Scott is in charge of restoring the aircraft wings required to build the second complete Halifax for    Canada at the Nanton Alberta museum. Working at his warehouse location in the Ottawa Valley,    Scott works  with co-host Shelli and a small team of volunteers reconstructing this formidable component of the project.


Chris is a member of the Canadian Armed Forces and is an expert on aviation, warbirds and Halifax Aircraft. As a writer and documentarian for the RCAF, Chris has been a part of the H57RC organization since 2001. He is the host of our fascinating  `Classic Aviation Interviews'.

Jan is a Swedish diver and is the main Dive Leader on the Halifax Recovery Project presently underway in the Baltic Sea. Not only is he a precise, safety minded deep sea diver, but an excellent  underwater cameraman ready to bring the recovery adventure into everyone's home.

SCSC is a team of professional and hobby divers known for their work in Sweden and around the world. Their mission now is to recover a Halifax Bomber off the south coast of Sweden using a Danish Tugboat and a small collection of diver vessels.

Dan Fox is one of the Directors of the Bomber Command Museum of Canada in Nanton, Alberta. This is where the latest Halifax will be restored and put on display along with their classic 4 Engine Lancaster. Nanton is the home of some of the most dedicated aviation enthusiasts in the world who have volunteered their time and money to build this magnificent museum.


Karl Kjarsgaard
Host - H57RC Director - Canada

Scott Knox
Host - The ReBuild Shop 

Chris Charland
Host -  Classic Aviation Interviews

Jan Christensen
Head Diver - Sweden

Dan Fox
Museum Director - Alberta

From Denmark, Gustav and his River Thames Association team provide the tugboat "RIVER THAMES" as the Diving Platform for the Sweden Recovery Project. Along with his son Albert and shipmates, they travel long distances through rough seas to be a part of this aircraft recovery.

 Gustav Hans Frederiksen
Captain - The River Thames

Dunrobin Castle Entertainment
Three Nations Team 
Video Productions

The video production component of the program is made up of The James Tallimar Project and Manterex 11. Since 1983, this dedicated team of volunteers have worked with Jim and Debby, recording hundreds of videos, interviews and many special events relating to aviation and history.

George Rosskopf
Aircraft Technician/Co-Host

George has been an important part of the Rebuild Shops in both 8 Wing Trenton and in Ottawa at his home and at Knox Tech.   At RCAF 8 Wing Trenton, George worked tirelessly on Halifax NA337 from Norway. In Ottawa, he began the ReBuild Shop series with Halifax 57 Rescue and continued his work at home and at Knox Tech.  George used his experience and his knowledge to start the restoration process until he moved on from the project.

Peter Normann Productions
Euro  Producer - Documentaries

Peter Normann of Denmark has joined our video production network as our European Co-Producer. His excellent camera work on board the River Thames is a great reminder of what
co-operation and teamwork can accomplish. 

They Dreamed of the Skies
          James Tallimar Project

SCSC Divers

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