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The StoryBox is a collection of adventures, video documentaries and orginal music and stories by the James Tallimar Project.  The songs were written in times of confidence, concern, protest and emotional re-actions to life's experiences. The words are simple and tell a story.  The music and lyrics in the Tales of Tallimar are designed to help reveal the nature of the characters we created. The documentaries and rare footage from the TimeKeepers Canada project was designed to capture the past for the sake of the future.

Original Songs

Arandora Star
All I Want to Be Is You
Fire in My Woman
Splice the Main Brace
Never Surrender

Sir Robert Bond
A Woman's Emotions
The Ballad of Johnny Lake
Tally Hastings
Two Rivers of Gold
Veterans of Time
D Day
Love You in the Morning
Sail Away
The Artist
Warm Enough For You
Everybody Needs A Friend
There Is A Ship
Umbrella Man
Shadow Lover
Ride the Silent Wind

Ride On Black Man
Can't Deny My Love

South Hyway #9
South Side of the M

I Still Love You
Hold On

Do You Believe In Me 

The Invisible City

Ain't No Sunshine
I Can't Make You Love Me  

More To Come Soon

   The Tales of Tallimar

            The Lyrics

            The Adventures


  The Documentaries

   TimeKeepers Canada

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