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TimeKeepers Canada has combined forces with a select number of aviation and underwater diving  experts to form Three Nations Team Productions. Our project,, is hosted by Karl Kjarsgaard of Halifax 57 Rescue Canada. Locating, diving, recovering and rebuilding World War II Aircraft is their objective. Having returned from the Baltic Sea, the team has worked together to create a series of short videos from the summer of 2022.

 Music Video                                                                                                      The Documentary

          Sweden                                             Underwater Lifts                                     Peter Normann         


             The ReBuild Shop                                  On the Dock                                   

                  Scott Knox                                   Protecting the Parts                             Lasse and Eileen

This recovery project from Sweden is just one of many aviation adventures taken since 1995 by Halifax 57 Rescue Canada. From Norway and the recovery team of HAA and Halifax 57 Rescue, to  Canada, Belgium, Italy, Denmark,  Malta, Sweden, the United States and Great Britain, the record of aviation                                                            accomplishments is remarkable. 







 Visit the host of at  Nanton Alberta's Bomber Command Museum                                                    Saturday,  September 17th. Karl will be presenting the entire

                                       summers report in front of a live audience.  








Halifax NA337 - Norway  Complete Series

Halifax LW682 - Belgium 


Oshkosh Warbirds 2005

The BC Engines


The Alberta Museum


The Wall at Nanton



Ortona Italy


The London Monument


Virginia War Memorial


The Florida Airport


The DND Ingots 


The Map Boys   


The ReBuild Shops


Chris Charland's Classic Interviews




New Projects


The Music



TimeKeepers Canada

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