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TimeKeepers Canada



             As the TimeKeepers travelled across Canada, one of the final questions they would ask was,


                              `Do you have any words of wisdom for the young people of the future'. 


                                                  These are their honest and fruitful answers.

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Bud in Alberta has words of wisdom for young people. His experiences in thr RCAF in WWII and as a Prisoner of War gives him a rare glimpse of the world in 1944. 

              January 2021

 Canadian Determination 

This is one of our best videos that shows a young Canadian who refuses to give up, no matter how difficult the challenge may be.

                February 2021

Stay In School 

The great Jean Beliveau of the Montreal Canadians has words of wisdom for those young people dreaming of joining the NHL.

March 2021

Song for the Battle of Ortona 

The James Tallmar Project has written a song of wisdom dedicated to the Canadian Soldiers that experienced the battle of Ortona.

April 2021

May 2021

Newfoundland Optimism

The people of  Newfoundland are known for their optimism. It's something that they need to share with other Canadians  as we rebuild the country. 

June 2021

Tony Little survived the war after being shot down in battle and interned in a German POW camp for airmen. From his experience, he knows what the word freedom means and the importance of your right to vote. Recorded in 1990.


A song about what could happen if a nation lost control of its leaders and madness ensued. The amount of nuclear weapons on this planet is beyond logic. 

July 2021

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