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TimeKeepers Canada Crew  

             TimeKeepers Canada is produced by the James Tallimar Project. It is not one person but a group

                    of friends and artists from many nations. Based in Canada, we have recorded several

                                            projects about our country over a number of years.


                           We began building this library in 1983 for the future. We felt we needed

                                     to tell our future generations what Canadians are made of.

                                          It is the story of our Canadian uncompromising spirit.

                       We are a non political group of friends, senior citizens, students and veterans                                                                          who believe in the future of Canada.




                   Our long-term goal is to maintain the rights we have as free citizens, able to vote

                     and defend our nation under any circumstances. We have seen many countries

                  in this world and as Canadians, we are very fortunate to live in Canada. Our potential

                    is endless and although we have faced many challenges throughout our history,

                      we have always recovered and remain confident and steadfast in our beliefs.


Timekeepers photo.jpg

Media Coverage 1993                                                       Media Coverage 1994

Why I Am A Canadian

A new international video production group has been formed in association with the
   James Tallimar Project. Three Nations Team Productions, TNTP combines talent from                Canada, Denmark and Sweden for a number of international programs. 

            We live in a crazy world. Our moment is now or never.

Joni Mitchell one wrote, ` You don't know what you've got till it's gone.'  In 2020 - 2021, we lost                          many of Canada's most valuable assets, our veterans and senior citizens.

      In a world of Fake News, corruption, video manipulation and unproven conspiracy theories, 
one thing is certain.  The truth is becoming harder to find.  That's where TimeKeepers Canada comes in
 with our collection of honest, classic interviews with people who were there. Their words and eye witness accounts are the only way we can assure our Canadian heritage is preserved for the future. 

Some of the people in our group of friends from TimeKeepers Canada are musicians. We have seen            Canada from one end to the other and here are the lyrics to one of our projects.
                       Sail Away

Well I am a man, who sailed upon the waters 
Of the greatest seas that touch this growing land 
Have you ever seen
The ones who rise in morning 
With a look there in their hearts 
Now yes we can
But there are ones who feel the change
Would do the world of good
And fair enough
You have that right my friend
But is it worth the gamble 
And is it worth the price
Of losing something you many never find again

Well I am a man who rode across the prairies 
On the topside of a boxcar from your past
They were troubled times
Back there in the 30s
But we stuck it out together
Till the last
Lonely days were over 
And brighter days had come
We'd learned so many lessons
Now look what we've become

Faces shine as the thunder rules the mountains
Who was here before the settlers made their way
When I look at all the years of war
We've been through
Those men lived and died
For what we have today
Well I am a man whose flown across the mountains
From the north down to the cities of the south
Have you ever been
To some far distant country
And come home to see what life is all about
Now look what lies around you
And don't take it for granted
Cause once it's gone 
It 's very hard to find
Like waiting for the shadow
Of the land to touch the shoreline
Anything that's worth it just takes time
Sail away
Down upon the ocean
Sail Away
High into the sky
You're the one
Canada we're waiting
For the ships to come
And take you home 
        JCBC (c) (1979) 


      Recorded Live in Nova Scotia
     The Sail Away Canada Song

                                                           From The

      TimeKeepers Canadian Journey 1992

WWII Mosquito Ace 
A Dwayne Price Video

The Early Years - TimeKeepers                            Canada  1983 - 1993

                   TimeKeepers Canada is produced by The James Tallimar Project.
It is a group of talented friends, artists, content producers, videographers, musicians and hundreds of
volunteer seniors citizens and veterans.   
Our group is non-political and we work together on behalf of all Canadians. That means everybody and no one is left out.  That means our differences of race, language,
religion or any other characteristics needs to be put aside. We are all Canadians. It's that simple.
there were moments when our country needed to come together, we were united. Those moments
made us all proud to be Canadians.

Join us now on this incredible adventure.

            Are You An Artist 

We are looking for artists to help build TimeKeepers Canada into a major educational internet project.
We have hundreds of classic interviews recorded with senior citizens and veterans since 1983. Dozens
of topics with stories on war, aviation, medicine, the Big Events, wisdom, EnviroStation, Future Clock and Creative Canadians. Our problem is that there are many stories that have no known photographs or
 video archives available.

    We need your help to find fellow artists across Canada who are interested in painting or drawing
pictures of dramatic scenes from our remarkable collection of stories. The paintings above cover two
great stories from WWII. The painters volunteered their time to re-create these incredible scenes.
From sea, land or air battles to a scene from the Halifax Explosion or early settlers defending
themselves from  a
n angry grizzly bear, each scene is spectacular. If you volunteer, your art work will be
                  edited into one of our classic historical scenes. 
     You will still own the artwork. If you can sell the original or prints, you will profit from whatever the
painting might earn. At the same time, we'll promote your artwork and it will become part of the
invaluable Timekeepers Canada collection and inspire young people with these incredible illustrated stories.



TimeKeepers Canada

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