The adventure group, Halifax 57 Rescue Canada has traveled the world searching and recovering World War II aircraft from lakes, bunkers, farmers fields and bogs. is our internet
program featuring News Updates, The ReBuild Shop, Classic Interviews and Museum News from Nanton, Alberta. Along with our regular features, we have Documentaries and Special Projects with  the Bomber Command Memorial in London, the Bomber Command Centre in Lincoln, England, the Virginia War Memorial in Richmond, the POW Story, the Great Escape, a WWI Fighter Pilot and a Cold War bunker tour. You'll see the Air Cadets, Vintage Wings, The Story of Halifax NA337 at 8 Wing Trenton and our latest recovery project on the Baltic Sea.  


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Enviro-Station 257 - The Luncheon Speaker 2003

Some of us remember listening to a man tell us about an insect that was killing the trees in southern BC. He said it needed to be stopped before it spread.  He told people it was important to take care of the forests. If the trees stopped their life cycle, a forest of dry trees could be a potential forest fire disaster in the future.

 We need to work together and listen to everyone's ideas.