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The Show 

January 2023

Baltic Sea Adventure

In 2015, Halifax 57 Rescue began our first expedition to Sweden where Karl met with members of SCSC, the Sweden Coast and Sea Centre. This association was comprised of underwater divers, some who had found remnants of a Halifax aircraft that has crash landed on the Baltic Sea, 10 miles off the southern coast.


It would take Karl some time to convince the

local authorities that we were an archeological

recovery group, re-building a World War II

bomber in honour of Canadian and allied





                                                                         With the help of SCSC, arrangements were  made                                                                                 and we return with our cameras in the summer of                                                                                  2016. From there we met Jan Christensen and Erik                                                                                Skog where we travel to Malma and received official

                                                                         permission to attempt the recovery of aircraft parts.






In 1944,  the plane had been on a secret mission

when it was hit by lightning. The pilot and crew

bailed out and the plane hit the water. This was the

beginning of our Sweden Recovery project.



             The following  5  individual segments tell the story of our adventure in 2016.

                             Next Month on

The February 2023  Show

                              Baltic Sea Adventure - Year 2018

Special Thanks to Clint Cawsey
                                         for his kind financial support

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