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Multi-Talented International Artists

         Maurina                             Jun Li                                   JCBC                            Maria Knapik

           Uganda                                                  China                                                       Canada                                                     Poland

Basha                          Garnet Challenger                Natalie Rey                       Nick  Ianatti 

England                                                      Dominica                                                    Canada                                                         Italy

Canada                                                      Canada                                                        Canada                                                   Canada 

Lee Hayes                  Samantha Testa                Charlie Gardner               Gisele LeMay            

Maurina - Confidence

Recorded a few years back by Timekeepers Canada, this great song by Maurina stands out as a beautiful reminder for all women of their ability to overcome all adversity. Growing up in Uganda, Maurina is now a Canadian citizen who is a fine composer and author from Montreal. For more information, contact A Timekeepers Canada video.

The Difference Childrens Music Video 

The Difference, written and performed by Maurina, responds to a simple issue we must resolve. 

Maureen M Namirembe on Facebook

Here is the concept of The Timekeepers Canadian Journey, a project that encourages Canadians to challenge the issues of the day. Samantha Testa sings our theme song for the project.

Canadians have always been innovative and adventurous and we need projects that expand our reach on the international stage. Watch this video on how one group has traveled the globe in search of remnants of our Canadian heritage.

Jun Li

Jun Li sings a classic song from China. This is the first studio recording and music video Jun Li co-produced and we feel it is an excellent display of pure talent.

Nicola Iannitti sings Fallen Heroes in Italian for this war time documentary by Keyhart Productions. 

Maria Knapik is an incredibly talented artist who immigrated from Poland and has become a leading Canadian Soprano.

Basha, a visitor from Poland with Canadian family ties plays the music of Storm along the Ottawa River.

Creative Artists  Season 2

Natalie worked with us for a few years  as a vocalist, composer and  a video host including projects in Canada, Holland and Switzerland. Her voice as a singer is highlighted in this video from the past.

JCBC  James Tallimar Project

 StoryBook                  Audio Book

Garnet Challenger


Natalie Rey

Song of War

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