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Knox Tech

    The ReBuild Shop


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The ReBuild Shop brings together aviation technicians and propeller-heads as they piece together a second
World War II Halifax aircraft for Canada. The plane began
as a Halifax 57 Rescue project a few years ago and this series takes you through the different reconstruction phases. Knox Tech is the latest in a long line of
those who have worked to save this rare national
artifact in honour of our veterans.

The following series of videos begins with an idea in 2011. From there you will see this long term aviation restoration project as it progresses. It cover several years of
rebuilding the aircraft in detail, while at the same time,
Karl Kjarsgaard travels the world in search of WWII
downed aircraft and invaluable Halifax parts. 


Latest News 

TRBS Episode 66

November 2021

TRBS Episode 65

October 2021

The ReBuild Shop Series

TRBS Episode 63

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              Baltic Sea Aircraft Recovery Project
                   Underwater Archaeological Dig  

Classic Aviation Interviews

TRBS Episode 41  Rear Caps

TRBS Episode 42    Shuffle the Deck 

TRBS Episode 43    Shelli Updates Sweden 

TRBS Episode 44    Shelli's Updates the Shop

TRBS Episode 45     Rear Spar Arrives

TRBS Episode 46    Karl Returns to Ontarro

TRBS Episode 47     Mosquito ReBuild Update

TRBS Episode 48    Veteran Starts Engine  

TRBS Episode 49    Divers Visit Trenton 

TRBS Episode 50    Karl's Report

TRBS Episode 51    Wing Progress

TRBS Episode 52   News Update 2018

TRBS Episode 53    Halifax 57 Rescue Update

TRBS Episode 54    2019  Part 1 

TRBS Episode 55    2019  Part 2

TRBS Episode 56    2019  Part 3

TRBS Episode 57   The Wing Bays

TRBS Episode 58   Second Locker

TRBS Episode 59   The New Copier

TRBS Episode 60 Show 

TRBS Episode 61   News Update 2021

TRBS Episode 62    Moving Day

TRBS Episode 63   Open House in Arnprior  

TRBS Episode 66   Year End Review

TRBS   More To Come  2022-2023
 The Halifax ReBuild Shop continues as Scott joins forces with Karl as they create the new Zoom Show

on TimeKeepers Canada. Watch as the historically rare Halifax aircraft is recovered and rebuilt on behalf of the veterans who flew in the dangerous missions over Europe in World War II.


               Special Projects

History and Education


For Our Recovery Projects In Detail
         Visit Karl Kjarsgaard at

             Fundrazr 417498

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