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             The New Canada Project

Do Canadians have a lackluster attitude about our country? Have we become too complacent?
We believe many Canadians take our country for granted and we feel the time has come to put our differences aside and work together for a stronger Canada.

The James Tallimar Project is not one person. It is a group of talented friends, artists, content producers, videographers, musicians and hundreds of volunteer senior citizens and veterans. Our objective as builders of TimeKeepers Canada is to overcome our problems and devise ideas for the future development of our nation.  

Our group is non-political and we work together on behalf of all Canadians. That means everybody and no one is left out. That means our differences of race, language, religion or any other characterstics needs to be put aside. We are all Canadians. It's that simple.
We are not telling anyone how to vote but it is a precious right that must not be forgotten or wasted. Many veterans have died giving us that right. Choose your leaders well.

Why You Should Vote

Our system of government has seen changes over more than 150 years with some good decisions and unfortunately, some bad. What the world once saw was a country with an impressive reputation.
Many Canadians now feel this is no longer true. 

With the Virus causing so much confusion since its discovery, we need to bring Canadians together to formulate a logical plan for the future.

We need to work together as one, united and strong. Isn't that what our national anthem is all about.

To begin with, the Timekeepers Canada Collection was designed in 1983 for the future. Hundreds of interviews have been recorded with senior citizens and veterans recollecting their eye witness accounts of the 19th and 20th Century. The wisdom found in this collection of classic interviews will carry on into the next century, teaching and informing the people of the future. It will tell the story of who we were and what was involved in the development of this country we call Canada.
If you look at our history, there have been special moments when we all stood together. Vimy Ridge is one but there many more times when we were proud to be Canadians. The winning goals in the 1972 Canada Russia Series, the 1987 winner by Mario Lemieux and then, Sidney Crosby in the Olympics. There was the World Series Blue Jays and the Toronto Raptors, the summer and winter Olympics and many more athletic achievements.

We came together to help the Americans in the 911 tragedy, worked as one in the Ice Storm and fought bravely in times of war to defend our right to choose the way we want to live.

When there were moments when our country needed to come together, we were united. Those moments made us all proud to be Canadians.

Visit The New Ideas Page

Use your imaginations and help Canada by coming up with new ideas to create jobs for the future. 


Future Clock T-20 Project


18 years ago, in 2003, we began the Future Clock Project. We started recording experts in different fields about the future, the environment and Canada. We planned to have the tapes sealed until 2023 when we would look at them and see how the world has progressed.


Instead of waiting, we've decided to open the box early since the world is going through so many dramatic changes. We believe everything is moving too fast. Human beings are having trouble trying to keep up and that is something we need to solve. That was the idea behind the Future Clock Project.

The video quality is not great compared to todays standards but we now have these ideas and comments on record.  The Future Clock - T Minus 20 Project - Coming in July 2021.



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