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James Tallimar Project

A series of projects ranging from music performances, original songs, shorts stories, special events and an invaluable collection of classic interviews forms the James Tallimar Project.  As I travelled across Canada several times and recorded  projects in 17 different countries, these tapes are a record for our future generations. It is
essential  that we  thank each member of these projects who have worked hard to
develop this important visual record of our past.  The projects would never have reached these distinquished results without the professional assistance of these fine people.

The Projects

The Music                               The Stories                          The Videos

   Musicians                       The Tales of Tallimar          TimeKeepers Canada
       Songs                                       Text                            The Documentaries
       Lyrics                                  Audio Book                Halifax 57 Rescue Show

Live Appearances                                                            Enviro-Station 257     
  Music Videos                                                              The Canadian Journey
                                         Music/Production Resume



Our journey to the peak was near over
They said all answers were there
To questions that made some men wonder
And surely made some of them care
And there on the top of the mountain
Stood something we'd searched for so long
The reward for our vast adventure
We saw the Blue Mirrors of Dawn
And we watch our reflections in silence
As a voice in the Mirrors spoke down
Your journey has ended in madness
For you are the answers you've found
For there no man who needs any power
And you surely don't need any gold
The truth that you seek is the wisdom
Your receive as you're growing old
So look into the Mirrors of Grover
And remember where you came for help
For life is that long ocean voyage
Where you must believe in yourself 

From Grover - The Tales of Tallimar

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