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  TimeKeepers Canada

Canada's Future

TimeKeepers Canada is a group of friends dedicated to the future of Canada. We are  showing this series of videos to inspire Canadians about who we are and what is coming in our future. The videos shown in this series were recorded over many years, beginning in 1983 when we asked seniors and veterans,


What Do You See In Canada's Future?



Our National Anthem


What makes Canada special is our national anthem and what it means to Canadians. The music is played at all important events including the Olympics.

From Sea to Sea 

There is a binding glue that was formed in the 19th century in Canada that runs from sea to sea. Listen to these words of wisdom from a true Canadian.

What makes Canada strong are the provinces that link this chain of distinct land masses into one. Here, we discuss the absolute need for national unity.

Canadians build aircraft simulators that are in use around the world training civil and military aviation pilots and crews.

Here is a song from the great Mac Beattie about a famous Canadian river valley.

TKC - Future Clock - Canadian Entrepreneurs

A site with a difference. For Canadians who feel they have some new ideas that can help our future as a productive nation.

How A Town Built Its Own Tourist Attraction

Watch this Canadian community come together to do what many said was impossible.

Early Canadian Developments

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