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The Story of Halifax NA337  1995 - 2023  


Here are the first ten of this 25 part series of 5 minute clips from the story of Halifax NA337. We hope you will enjoy this story from Point A to Point B and we strongly encourage you to visit this magnificently restored aircraft at the RCAF Trenton Museum.  

When do dreams become a reality. If you work hard and determination is on your side, there is nothing in the world you cannot achieve. Some said, the very first objective was simply impossible. Yet after 5 weeks of setbacks, this team from Canada and Norway accomplished a feat for the record books. Our new internet program, on TimeKeepers Canada is about to show you what can be done when a group of volunteers accomplish the impossible. A great evolution of underwater archeological adventures, Welcome to FLASHBACK on

The story began  in 1995,  when Karl walked into our office and said he was looking for someone to shoot a video in Norway. He was introduced to us through our veteran friend, Tony Little. This video series  shows how it all started with Karl and Halifax 57 Rescue. From that day until now, a remarkable journey has taken place. A demonstration of  determination, respect and admiration. 

The following are Parts 1 to 10 of 25 short segments

telling the incredible underwater recovery of

Halifax NA337 from depth of 750 feet/240 meters.

The Story of Halifax NA337 - Parts 1 to 10

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