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New Ideas For Canada's Future

If you have any ideas for Canada's future, let us know. We do not profess to be experts in every field but we do have ideas and we  are presently looking at 20 areas where we could make improvements.

  1] Increasing Our Food Output

  2] Creative Thinking and Inventions

  3] Health Care and Medicine

  4] Internal Tourism

  5] Our Natural Resources

  6] Robots

  7] Power Sources

  8] Sports and Physical Activities

  9] National Defence

10] Controlling Addictions

11] Government Size and Control

12]  Immigration

13] Education

14] What Is Freedom

15] Work Ethic

16] Leisure Time  - Artists

17] Transportation

18] Law And Order

19] Aging Population

20] Open Space


Our group will be releasing a collection of ideas that we feel may help the country improve our status on the world stage. Keep your ideas to yourself until we can all find away to protect them. Then let's work together and use these ideas to build Canada into what will be the best place on earth to live.

The James Tallimar Project is not one person. It is a group of talented friends, artists, content producers, videographers, musicians and hundreds of volunteer students, senior citizens and veterans. Our objective as builders of TimeKeepers Canada is to overcome our problems and devise ideas for
the future development of our nation.  

Our group is non-political and we work together on behalf of all Canadians. That means everybody and no one is left out. That means our differences of race, language, religion or any other characterstics needs to be put aside. We are all Canadians. It's that simple.

For more information, contact our media representative at

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