The original James Tallimar Project was a group of friends who had created a few videos in Ottawa in the 1980's. From those early stages, the project would grow in size to include people from several countries.

The idea for TimeKeepers Canada began in 1983, when a videographer in Canada met a World War II Veteran from England. The project would involve the recording on video  of Canadian senior citizens and veterans. An idea to build an invaluable video library of classic interviews for the future.

In the 1990's, almost 500 schools across Canada participated in recording interviews with family members and veterans. In the months to come, we will take you on a journey over several years. You will see how our group collected hundreds of classic interviews about aviation, medicine, war, the future of the environment and the history of Canadian big events.

Original eye-witness accounts of history. These tapes will be used to teach Canadian young people in the future what it means to be a Canadian. Today, the future is here and we are editing the tapes. The original concept was called The Canadian Cultural Video Library. Over the years, it has evolved and has now become TimeKeepers Canada, a James Tallimar Project.

Working with close friends and travelling the country, we felt many Canadians were taking Canada for granted. There are quite a few people who do not realize what we have here. We wondered how could we fix this. We believed these interviews about Canadian events would build a sense of confidence amongst our people. 

A legacy of invaluable Canadian memories.     

Storyline for the Creation of TimeKeepers Canada

1983     The First Interview
1994     Memories of War - The CCVL Idea
1985     Veterans of Time  - PLUGs
1986     Tholthorpe England Reunion
              Tony Little - The Train Station
1987      Portugal
              Manterex 11
1988     The Cameron Highlanders Reunion   
1989     The History of Medicine
1990     POW Reunion Ottawa
1991      Citizenship 
              The Seniors Club 
1992     The Canada Tour
1993     Why Remembrance Day  
              The Canadian Journey
1994     Memories of War Contest
              Youth Service Canada
              Great Escape Reunion
              Youth Service Canada Tour 
              Ottawa Light Rail
1995     Canada Remembers - Holland
              Halifax NA337 - Norway
              POW Reunion London - England
1996     Norway To Trenton
              Light Rail I
1997     Halifax LW682 - Belgium
              POW Reunion Halifax
1998     Vimy Ridge/Beaumont Hamel
              Belgian Reunion I
1999      The Big Events
2000    The Artists I 
              Light Rail II
2001     The Artists II
2002     Elements of Nature
2003     Future Clock T-20
2004     The Artists III
               Pontiac Country 
               Fallen Heroes
2005    CFB Petawawa 100
               Nanton - The Wall
2006     The Artists IV
               Ortona and The Kids
2007      SOS Arandora Star
2008     Belgium Reunion II
2009     Nanton Museum
2010      Cultures I
2011       Cultures II
               Quilt of Belonging
2012       RAF Club -  Green Park
               The London Monument 
2013       Virginia
2014       Florida
2015       The Other World
                Hong Kong Story
                Lincoln, England
2016       Sweden - The Baltic Sea
               The Devils Brigade
2017       The Trenton Museum
                Divers Visit Trenton
                8 Wing Trenton
2018       Sweden
2019       Covid Era - Editing TimeKeepers Canada
2020      Covid Era - Editing TimeKeepers Canada
2021       Sweden
2022      Three Nations Team
                The Meaning of War and Freedom
2023        TimeKeepers Canada Expansion
2024        TimeKeepers Canada International