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All throughout the history of our country, there have always been many Canadians who were veterans of war. And that means something. It tells you that these are the kind of people who will stand between you and your enemy. They will stand there to protect you because you're a Canadian. Its in our history and within some peoples minds, our souls.

When I think of all the years of war we've been through
Those men lived and died for what we have today.

We are building TimeKeepers Canada as an educational tool in honour of our veterans and senior citizens.

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By Canadians For Canadians


The World Wars Series

Small Title

The story of several Canadian War Veterans as they travel to London, England to witness the dedication of the Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park in 2012.

The Belgian Forest 

Canadians in Holland

12 Canadian students win a contest and travel to the Netherlands to participate in the 1995  50th Anniversary of the Liberation of Holland.

In 1995, the Halifax Aircraft Association and Halifax 57 Rescue Canada recovered a WWII bomber from a depth of 750 feet of water from Lake Myosa in Norway. The plane has been restored and resides at the RCAF Museum in Trenton, Ontario, Canada.

Halifax NA337 - Norway

The Richmond Virginia War Memorial was presented a honouary plaque made from recovered Halifax LW682 in Belgium, thanking over 800 Americans who volunteered and joined the RCAF at the beginning of WWII.

Who Fights For Freedom

In 1997, Halifax 57 Rescue worked with BAHA in Belgium to recover Halifax LW682. Although being slammed into a Belgium forest bog, parts were used to build a second Halifax for Canada. An honour burial for the remaining crew took place and the skylight of the Bomber Command Memorial in London was established in 2012. 

Halifax LW682 - Belgium

Aluminum from Halifax LW682 was melted down and several items were created including plaques in Florida. Colorado and Richmond Virginia. The Skylight for the Bomber Command Memorial in London and the monument in Lincoln, England were also developed in honour of the airmen of Bomber Command.

Story of the Ingots

The ReBuild Shop is part of the Halifax 57 Rescue' team as they build the components for a second Halifax for Canada. Several episodes over a period of 8 years are available.

The ReBuild Shop Series

The Bomber Command Museum of Canada in Nanton, Alberta features a restored  Lancaster Aircraft, many other WWII planes, a Wall of Remembrance and a team of respected and proud volunteers.  

Bomber Command Museum

               More Projects Coming Soon

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