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TimeKeepers Canada

  The Big Events

TimeKeepers Canada presents The Big Events from our history. We are a nation of brave people who has seen tragedies and great victories. Our objective at TimeKeepers Canada is to show the kind of people who came before you and fought hard to recover from adversity. There have been many Big Events throughout our existence and we have several eye witness accounts. From WWI, the Halifax Explosion and the Depression to WWII, aviation, medicine and sports, this collection is rare and authentic. 


Flu of 1918 

100 Million people perished when the Spanish Flu of 1918 decimated the planet. In Canada, the influenza took a long time to burn itself out as families were affected from sea to sea.

 Parliament Building Fire 1916 

From 1916, an eye witness account from inside the Parliament Buildings of Canada in Ottawa as they raced to escape the massive fire to save the lives of their children. 

Halifax Explosion 1917
Just before Christmas on December 6th, two ships collided in Halifax harbour creating the largest man made explosion in history, killing thousands and destroying a large part of the city.

Almonte Train Wreck 1942

Just after Christmas, 1942, a loaded troop train came roaring around the bend in the town of Almonte, Ontario. A passenger train, sitting on the same track was split open by the engine of the troop train.

Firefighters Memories


A look at the annual Fire Fighters Memorial event in Ottawa. The James Tallimar Project has written a song called Courage on behalf of all Fire Fighters around the world.

Nursing in Normandy in WWII

Many women joined the medical staff in World War II deciding to contribute their time, effort and experience to help those injured in battle.

A Search For His Father

In 1995, a Canadian man is given an incredible gift for his 50th Birthday. A trip to Holland to see the resting place of the Father he had never met. 


The Importance of Our Oceans

A frank analysis of the worlds oceans, including Canadian waters. Recorded in 2009

Coming Soon

                           The Drought in 1930's Canada

Memories of the drought in Saskatchewan in the Depression. Dust and sand covered large parts of the prairies which affected food production.

Special Sports       Presentation

Jean Beliveau - Montreal Canadians 1992

As part of our Canadian Journey 2017 Project, we've looked into our vast video library to present an interview we recorded in 1992 with Jean Beliveau of the Montreal Canadians. This is Part 1 with more interviews of Mister Beliveau in English and French being released soon. In fact, this classic interview was special since our host was a young lad who happened to be walking past the doors of the forum just before we went in. We thought this young man could handle the interview so we gave him the microphone and this is what happened. In fact, we misplaced the name of the young man in 1992 and we would like him to contact us at if anyone recognizes his picture or voice. A James Tallmar Video for The Canadian Journey 2017 Project.

RCMP In 1921

A 100 year old retired RCMP Officer describes the national police force in Alberta in 1921.

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