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Halifax 57 Rescue Network

       Halifax 57 Rescue                                                               
       Bomber Command Museum of Canada
       TimeKeepeers Canada
       Belgium Recovery
       Norway NA337 Recovery
       Sweden SCSC
       Denmark - Peter/Gustaf 
       London Monument
       Lincoln England Monument
       Virginia War Memorial
       RCAF Wings
       Oshkosh Air Show
       Florida Airport
       Colorado Legion
       York Museum
       New  Sites and Museums

    After our adventures in Norway with the recovery of Halifax NA337, we travelled to Belgium where
             we  recovered a second Halifax from a bog near the town  of Geraardsbergen. The remaining crew
were buried with a military service  and most the aircraft was  melted down into hundreds of
            pounds of aluminum. These ingots were presented to some of the most historic war museums and monuments in the world in the form of plaques, medals  and a skylight in London. 
                         Our objective is to create a Network of aviation and wartime projects around the world that are                               related to memorials, aviation archeology and education. This part of history must never be
                      forgotten. We will be contacting members shown on the list above to encourage them to join
this project which will promote each and every member of the network.


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