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TimeKeepers Canada

TimeKeepers Canada
Documentary Series 

The Aviation Adventures of Halifax 57 Rescue Canada


The Recovery of Halifax NA337 - Norway

The Recovery of Halifax LW682 - Belgium

8 Wing Trenton Museum - NA337 Opening Day

Bomber Command Museum of Canada

Hercules Engines - West Coast Bunker

Ortona -  A Students Education

The H57RC ReBuild Shop

Bomber Command Memorial - London England

Virginia War Memorial - RCAF Event

Florida Memorial - US Airmen for Canada

Belgian Reunion

Bomber Command Centre - Lincoln England

Air Bases of Yorkshire -  England

Sweden Recovery Project

                                                                                  Pre-Halifax 57 Rescue Canada

                                                                                  The Tholthorpe Reunion 1986

                                                                                               Mosquito Pilot

                                                                                   Canada Remembers Holland

                                                                                             The POW Story

                                                                                   The Great Escapes of WWII            



Fundrazr 417498

In 1995, Karl Kjarsgaard walked into our office and told us about his dream. He wanted to honour the men of the Royal Canadian Air Force who had flown Halifax Aircraft in World War II.  Since we had worked with veterans for 12 years, recording their stories, we decided to become part of the adventure. Working together with Karl and Jeff Jefferies, we picked up our cameras and travelled to Norway in search of an airplane.
This is that incredible story. 

This 3 part QuickClip documentary was shot in Richmond Virginia, Geraardsbergen Belgium, Hamar,  Norway, Vulcan,

 Alberta and Gatineau, Quebec. In World War II, over 800 Americans volunteered to join the Royal Canadian Air Force

[ RCAF ] and Karl Kjarsgaard from Halifax 57 Rescue presents a honourary plaque to the Richmond Virginia War Memorial. The short documentary reveals why  some of these men went to war. 

                         Previews  From  Our TimeKeepers Collection

                   World War I                                                  EnviroStation                   


                   The Big Events                                                Future Clock

        Canada Remembers Holland                             The Tales of Tallimar 


                       Medicine                                                   The Belgian Forest                                           

Memories of War was our first documentary recorded in 1983. James Pope, a WWII Lancaster tail gunner brought a few of his friends over to discuss their experiences in the war. Jack Cowan was part of the Pathfinder Mosquito squadron, Burt Burrows remembers the sinking of the Athabascan and Jack Hart tells how it feels to drive a Sherman tank up on the beach on D Day, June 6th, 1944. A James Tallimar Project.  

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