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New Canada 2 - Invention and Creative Thinking

Due to our jobs, we have been fortunate to travel to a number of interesting places in the world. One thing is certain, we have seen the attitude of some cultures is far different than ours. Their existence not only demands hard work, but its a necessity just to survive. Strong nations not only have a solid work ethic, but also entrepreneurs and imagination.
We have some of the most creative people in the world within our own population. Its time we started using our imaginations and working alone or with others, come up with ideas that can create jobs and develop exportable, new products. There are hundreds of ideas that we could come up with that would increase productivity and efficiency  in new technologies, natural resources and manufacturing.     

Working together towards one cause. We are stronger as one.  

The Idea Box

A] Invention or development of new products that are geared for the future. There are several areas where new concepts or products could be marketed. These include new technology, robotics, resource recovery, agriculture, environment, education, medicine, entertainment and tourism.
There could be a good idea that no one has ever thought of before in everyone of these topics. We just need to use our Canadian know how and promote our strongest point, our imaginations.


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