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New Canada  1 - Increasing Food Output
Canada is known around the world for its abundance of farm land and its ability to grow
high quality, exportable food. The worlds population is growing to nearly 8 billion
people and fresh water and safe food are essential to human existence. Below, watch
Digby McLaren who spoke at the Pugwash Conference in 1992 on over-population.
Beside him, Desmond Carroll, a 100 year old  farmer who speaks of the early days
of the river valley.


  Canada should begin a new program of growing 25% more food annually.

 How can we do this?

1] If the planet is getting warmer, then our agricultural zones will increase as they
expand and move north. 

2] Locate land that is unsuitable to grow food and build large Green House
villages that can operate year round, producing a wide variety
of food products.

3] Each year, Canadians import foreign workers to pick our crops. If Canadians
do not want this work, then would it not make sense to let these people
immigrate to Canada with their immediate families. We need more
hard working people who believe in the country. 

4] We have some to the best farmers and agricultural scientists in the world.
Lets support and develop those skills and knowledge to the benefit of the country.

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      Digby McLaren 1992                                                                 Desmond Carroll
   Royal Society of Canada                                                          100 Year Old Farmer

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