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Halifax Explosion                                                                                          Halifax Explosion Poem


HMCS Athabascan                                                                                       HMCS Ottawa


Splice the Main Brace                                                                                Arandora Star Rescue 

Maritime Tribute                                                                                           Merchant Marines

Crowsnest - St. John's                                                                                 Submarine Battle         


Alex  of the Navy                                                                                            Ottawa Navy Club                                                                                   

TimeKeepers Canada was created in 1983 to record eye witness accounts of Canada in the 20th century. This invaluable educational video library features several topics about Canadians. We invite you to visit TimeKeepers Canada and see what it means to be a Canadian. 

One of our topics is the human misfortune called WAR. For November the 11th, we present stories from our navy, army, air force and the merchant marines. This 5 part series of short clips takes you on a journey from WWI to WWII, Korea, the Cold War, modern times and the future of warfare.

We begin with the Canadian Navy. From an original 1983 interview, James Pope questions three veterans who have experienced war first hand. Patrolling for submariners in the English Channel, we find seaman Burt Burrows, standing on the fuel tanks on the Canadian destroyer HMCS Athabacan.  

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