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Timekeepers Canada 
         Aviation Station

August 2021

TimeKeepers Canada's Aviation component features several topics on aircraft including Halifax 57 Rescue Canada, an international aircraft recovery group, the Bomber Command Museum of Canada, the RCAF Aviation Museum in Trenton. Ontario, the POW Story, the Rebuild Shops in Ottawa, Nanton and Trenton, The Bomber Command Monuments in Lincoln and London England, the Cold War, modern aircraft, cadets, space and many, many more.  

Oshkosh Warbirds 2005       Canada Remembers Holland 1995   
We invite you to watch our Aviation Episodes below and visit  

 WW1 Fighter Pilot 1915

A World War I fighter pilot recounts his aircraft missions using the earliest forms of aviation in air battles over Europe. This rare interview is a classic.

RCAF Trenton Air Show 

Lily Yang visits the Quinte Air Show at RCAF Trenton to cover the latest Halifax 57 Rescue adventure as they prepare for a recovery mission on the Baltic Sea just south of Sweden.

Air Cadets visit Vintage Wings

Canadian young people take to the skies as Air Cadets in this video discuss the many positive aspects of the national Air Cadets program in Canada. 

The Bomber Command Museum of Canada in Nanton, Alberta has restored a WWII era Lancaster Bomber. Watch as they tow the aircraft across the prairie fields to its new home at the museum.

The Memorial Wall at Nanton

TimeKeepers Canada presents the story of a group of volunteers who have build a wall of Remembrance at the museum in the small southern Alberta town of Nanton.

The Halifax NA337 Story  Part 1 of 25
           Watch this incredible adventure as a team travels to                    Norway to attempt the recovery of a 40,000 pound                    World War II aircraft from 750 feet of water.  A 25                        Part   Series.

Hercules Engine Starts Up

We see the incredible power of the Hercules engine as it starts up at the August Show in Alberta.


Aviators Internet Club

Timekeepers Canada attempted to start an Aviators Internet Club in 2015 but we were busy working on preparing for the Sweden Recovery Project. If you are interested in joining our team of aviation enthusiasts, watch our video and contact Karl at the Bomber Command Museum of Canada in Nanton, Alberta at  




                   TimeKeepers Canada has developed a positive relationship with different aviation

                        groups and aviation museums in Canada and around the world including


                                                           Halifax 57 Rescue Canada

                                                 The Bomber Command Museum of Canada

                                                     The RCAF Museum - Trenton, Ontario

                                                          Sweden Coast and Sea Center

                                              Bomber Command Memorial - London, England

                                                Bomber Command Centre - Lincoln, England

                                                          John Stemple Aviation - USA

                                                     Richmond Virginia War Memorial

                                                         The ReBuild Shop - Knox Tech

                                                          The RCAF POW Association



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