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 Classic  Interviews

In a world of Fake News, corruption, video manipulation and unproven conspiracy theories, one thing is certain. The truth is becoming harder to find. 
That's where TimeKeepers Canada comes in with our collection of honest, classic interviews with people who were there. Their words and eye witness accounts are the only way we can assure our Canadian heritage is preserved for the future. 

The following people volunteered their time to talk about what life was like growing up in Canada
in the 20th century. With Canadian stories from as far back as 1890, they wanted to have their recollections recorded for the future.  

Some of these interviews are incredible eye witness accounts of our history.


             Digby McLaren

 The Flu of 1918                           World War I Fighter Pilot                   Our National Anthem
Home Remedies                             Battle of Ypres 1914                      Private Power Station

Youthful Advice                               

   Parliament Building Fire                 RCAF Air Show - Trenton                    From Sea  to Sea

     Medical World 1989                             WWII London Blitz                           Ocean of Plastic
                                                                         Determination                        1992 Canadian Journey 

      The Halifax Explosion                     Air Cadets and Space                    Time for a United Canada   

    The Future of Medicine                 Cold War Nuclear Bunker                        Over-Population 

           Stay In School                            Mosquito at Nanton            Aircraft Recovery Adventures



                          Almonte Train Wreck                          The Rawleigh Man                     Nanton Lancaster Bomber

                             Aircraft Simulator                           Ottawa River Logging                        Holland WWII - Part 2
                                    Jun Li                                        The Wall at Nanton
                             The Ortona Song 

 Fire Fighters Memorial                                Fallen Heroes                              Travel Inside Canada   

Challenges of Aging                                D Day to the Gap                             The Lightning Tree 
           New Canada Ideas                             The Importance of Oceans             Sinking of the Athabascan               
A Towns Tourist Attraction                     Newfoundland Optimism             Hercules Engine Starts Up

                   Canadian Entrepreneurs                       A Search For His Father                 POW Medicine in WWII

WWII Mosquito Ace 
A Dwayne Price Video

Former and Present Sponsors

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                 Barry Davidson
       Coming on November the 11th, 2021 
  The POW Story and classic interviews from              the real men of the Great Escape

                                                       Are You An Artist 

We are looking for artists to help build TimeKeepers Canada into a major educational internet project. We have hundreds of classic interviews recorded with senior citizens and veterans since 1983. Dozens of topics with stories on war, aviation, medicine, the Big Events, wisdom, EnviroStation, Future Clock and Creative Canadians. Our problem is that there are many stories that have no known photographs or video archives available.


We need your help to find fellow artists across Canada who are interested in painting or drawing pictures of dramatic scenes from our remarkable collection of stories. The paintings above cover two great stories from WWII.  The painters volunteered their time to re-create these incredible scenes. From  sea, land or air battles to a scene from the Halifax Explosion or early settlers defending themselves from an angry grizzly bear, each scene is spectacular. If you volunteer, your art work will be edited into one of our classic historical scenes. 


You will still own the artwork. If you can sell the original or prints, you will profit from whatever the painting might earn. At the same time, we'll promote your artwork and it will become part of the invaluable Timekeepers Canada collection and inspire young people with these incredible illustrated stories. Contact 

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