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TimeKeepers Canada
Enviro-Station 257


In 2004, we began a video series called the Future Clock T - 20 Project. We recorded a series of interviews with scientists, weather experts, environmentalists and the general public about the future of Canada and our environmental needs. We had planned to open the box of tapes in 2024 and see how things have changed. After 20 years and so many changes happening in the world, we've decided to open the box.

Enviro-Station 257 is designed to explore the past and the future and to show how things have changed.  In each episode, our host, Silvia, interviews people from all over the world.  Our topics include pollution, micro-plastics, solar and wind power, war, over population, drought, wild weather and much more.  Our question is `What should we expect in the future?'

Solving the Problems

From Denmark and Sweden, professional divers discuss plastics in our oceans.

From Montreal and Ottawa, Canada, Silvia interviews Robert Hoffman from the Club of Rome as they discuss who will face these future problems.

 Episode 3 -  Weather and Food Production

Heading 1

Silvia interviews David Carroll, an Ottawa Valley farmer who describes how wild weather affects the growing of food. 

Digby McLaren

The former President of the Royal Society discusses
different environmental issues from this 1992
Timekeepers Canada interview.  

Bob Dobson

 The environmentally designed farm of Bob Dobson   is covered in this four part interview on innovation,   tree planting and water preservation.

For complete program extensions,

Karl Kjarsgaard and Dan Fox

Silvia interviews two men who are experts on the history and meaning of  war.


International Enviro-Topics

Ocean of Plastic

OurTimekeepers Canada video team visits two professional divers on the Baltic Sea who describe the vast use of plastic nets polluting the undersea world of our rivers, lakes and oceans.

EnviroStation presents a video from 1993 which features the story of a large tree that has been blown to pieces by a powerful lightning strike.

The Importance of Our Oceans

A frank analysis of the worlds oceans, including Canadian waters.

Basha plays Storm on the Ottawa River. 

Dr. Jerzy Wojciechowski

In 2002, before he passed away, we recorded this rare interview with Jerzy as he discussed experiencing war in 1943 Poland, the future of the environment and the many challenges our world is about to face.    

 Power Station

In a world supplied by different forms of electrical power, we invite you to visit a man who built his own power station using nature and innovation. 

Logging on the Ottawa River

Desmond Carroll, a 100 year old farmer from the Ottawa  Valley remembers watching the log booms being towed down the Ottawa River in the 1930s.

                                   Elements of Nature Photography

Visit Our Series 

WWII Mosquito Ace 
A Dwayne Price Video

Early Satellite Development 
             Telesat 1993

NRC 1990

Our objective is simply educating people through honest and truthful dialogue. The seniors, veterans, teachers and students presented in TimeKeepers Canada, volunteered their time and effort to build this library for Canada. We made a promise that the library of stories by our ancestors, would be used to educate our future generations. In return for this promise, the recordings were made.

DISCLAIMER: All materials in these videos are used for educational and entertainment purposes and fall within the guidelines of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. If you are, or represent, the copyright owner of materials used in these videos, and have an issue with the use of said material, please send an email to

Enviro-Station 257

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