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I Survived


TimeKeepers Canada presents a special series of eye witness accounts of people who survived some of the most incredibly dangerous situations in history. Life and death decisions are center-point in this remarkable series of raw interviews. 

Thomas was a young lad in the RAF when he was shot down after dropping supplies to the Norwiegen underground in World War II. His plane, Halifax NA337,  made a ditching attempt on Lake Mjosa in Norway where five of his fellow crewmen died in the crash.. Seconds after the crash, he woke up underwater.

Mister Dobson

In 1934,  Dobson was a teenager living on a farm in Cobden, Ontario.  Securing a job with the local highway project, he was a man who experienced something so rare and dangerous, it defies the imagination.  

Peggy Gregoire

In 1917, the people of Halifax watch from shore as two ships collided, As fire began to spread, Peggy          was in her grade 2 class when the sound of the largest man made explosion known to man shattered the harbour.

Mack McGill

Mack was a Canadian in World War I flying different aircraft in highly volatile situations. LIsten to his incredible story how he  crashed his plane in a field full of large shell holes

Madame Giguerre

In 1916, the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa burned to the ground. Inside the building was the Speaker of the House and his family, living in a small apartment. This is a riveting eye witness account from inside the building as the family tried to escape with their lives, 

Burt  Burrows

On board the HMCS Athabascan in World War II when they were struct by two torpedoes in the English Channel. Burt tells the story of being blown out of the crows nest into the sea water and being covered in bunker oil.

         World War I Veteran

A World War I soldier who was there at the Battle of Ypres in 1914 for the first German gas attack describes being shot in battle.

Part 1                                                                                                 Part 2

                  Lowell Green
    Springhill Mining Disaster 1958

Lowell Green was a young reporter on his own in 1958 workintg for Reuters New Service. He He covered the Springhill Mining Disaster. as more lives were saved in the famous Bump.

Dan Fox Tells A Story

Dan Fox at the Bomber Command Museum of Canada  in Nanton, Alberta demonstrates what a rear turret gunner experienced as he fell from a burning aircraft with no parachute.

Mack McGill

 In 1918 while in London, Mack caught the Spanish Influenza that killed over 100 million people
on the planet. Here is Mack's account of his remarkable recovery. 


Jersy was a wartime refugee in 1945 as he and his Mother travelled the highways. A German patrol came along and unloaded their weapons into many men, women and children. Jersy  was one of the few survivors.

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