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For Our Next Generation

TimeKeepers Canada is a non-political group of friends who believe in the future of Canada. We are not a political party, a radical movement or a cult. Just a group of Canadians who are concerned about the future of our nation.


Joni Mitchell once wrote, ` You don't know what you've got till it's gone.'  In 2020 - 2021, we lost many of Canada's most valuable assets, our veterans and senior citizens. In a world of Fake News, corruption, video manipulation and unproven conspiracy theories, one thing is certain.
The truth is becoming harder to find. 

That's where TimeKeepers Canada comes in with our collection of honest, classic interviews with people who were there. Their words and eye witness accounts are the only way we can assure our Canadian heritage is preserved for the future. It is an important and priceless legacy for our next generation. 

This internet project was designed many years ago to inspire Canadians. Since 1983, hundreds of seniors, veterans and students volunteered their time and stories to build a remarkable collection of Canada in the 20th century. Recorded from sea to sea, it also features several international videos on history, science, the arts and the environment. The world is changing and our country may be facing hard times. These videos will show optimism, courage and stories about how Canadians have always recovered from adversity.

TimeKeepers Canada works together on behalf of all Canadians. That means everybody and no one is left out. That means our differences of race, language, religion or any other characteristics need to be put aside. We are all Canadians and it is time to work together to build Canada into the best place on earth to live.

 Stay positive. We are the Canadian people and united we can do anything. Welcome to The TimeKeepers Canadian Journey. 



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The TimeKeepers Canadian Journey

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